Katy Ayo: Saville Spotlight

Respect Shines Through at Saville

Our Spotlight Series focuses on members of our firm who have unique perspectives and compelling experiences at Saville. 

Our inaugural post spotlights Katy Ayo, who joined our firm in August of 2016 as a staff accountant in the tax department weeks after graduating from Sam Houston State University with her Masters of Science in Accounting.  This was after interning in the summer of 2014, and summer of 2015.  Apparently, the firm made quite the impression on her!


Katy Ayo

Jonathan Gilbert, Saville’s Practice Talent Coordinator recently sat down with Katy Ayo, one of the newest additions to the Saville family to learn what she thinks is special about working at our firm.

Saville:  What has been your favorite aspect of working at Saville?

My favorite aspect is the people. I like that I can ask anyone for help, regardless of their position at the firm, and they actually help! They are the type of people that will stop what they are doing to help you solve a problem.  It’s not all about work either. These people are some of the most genuine I’ve ever met.  Everyone sincerely cares about each other and wants you to succeed. And If you’re having a bad day they’ll walk downstairs with you, buy you a cookie and try to cheer you up.

Saville:  How do the partners and managers treat the staff accountants?

You know the saying about treating the janitor with the same respect as the CEO? That’s how you’re respected at Saville. Staff accountants are treated with the same respect as everyone else at the firm. If you pass a partner in the hall, they’ll ask how your day is going, and will sincerely care about your response. Everyone in leadership has an open door policy so that anyone in the firm can walk in, ask questions and learn.

Saville:  Tell me more about the hours and work/life balance.

When I was searching for a job, one thing I knew I wanted was balance in my life. I wanted to actually be able to see my family and friends on a regularly, even during busy season. I definitely have that at Saville, and they understand that balance is necessary to perform your best. The firm offers a flexible schedule, and we never work more than 55 hours a week to make sure we have that balance. Which sounds crazy, but is actually really low compared to my friends working at other public accounting firms. I’m able to come in around 7am or 8am and leave before dinner time. The sun is still out when I get home, and I have plenty of time to do the things like grocery shop, eat dinner with my friends or family, or just relax at home. It’s nice to work for a firm that understands, and gives me the time to make sure I’m taking care of myself and things outside the office.


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